“Singing has always been a passion of mine and seems to get stronger as the years go by.  Growing up, I was surrounded by live music.  My father was a musician in local bands and was my main inspiration in becoming a vocalist.

My parents put me in singing lessons at the age of 10.  I instantly fell in love with the idea of being a great singer one day. Watching old videos of my first recital years I think to myself (with a giggle); “wow…I’ve come a long way!”  I remember practicing every day for hours and would be heartbroken if I couldn’t go to my singing lessons.

Fast forward 25+ years and I am now a full time musician and have been coaching for over 17 years. 

I consider my vocal teaching style very unique.  I specialize in helping artists prepare their voices for studio work, tours, correcting any bad habits, increasing their vocal stamina, range, proper breathing and overall vocal technique.  Helping vocalists understand the vocal anatomy and how to gain full control of their instrument safely is my main priority as a vocal coach.

Past projects:

2000 Jazz solo performer
2001 Session vocalist for Mood-Master Media
04-06 Lead singer for classic rock band
06-09 Lead singer for a Fleetwoodmac Tribute
07-09 Backup singer for a Styx Tribute
07-08 lead singer for an acoustic trio
09-2012 Lead singer for Monday Rebel
2010-2014 Lead singer for Lockhart Station

2015-2017 Backup vocalist for Alex Ryder

2012-Present Female Vocalist for Sovereign Council

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