“Lisa instantly made me feel comfortable when I stepped into her studio. We met and it was like we’d worked together for years! She provided me with invaluable tools that I still use every practice and every show. She rocks!”
Marc Bourgon
Lead vocals
ICONOCLAST (Ottawa Rock)

“I have been a professional recording artist for twenty years. If you really want to get serious about having great pitch and technique look no further than Lisa. Her technical and artistic insight has led me to greater things in my music and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve no matter what stage of your career. Lisa is a true gem when it comes to great vocal technique.” ~ Drake Jensen



“Before I began taking lessons from Lisa, I firmly thought that to reach a higher note, I had to force it out. I would use every muscle in my body to push. Lisa’s method teaches that singing can be nearly effortless. The result is that I’m no longer over singing my notes, meaning I’m not exhausted during a set and can put more into my performance. I’ve also improved my range considerably. Why is Lisa such an incredible teacher? She perfectly understands the body as an instrument, and she can convey this to her students. She also has a solid grounding in theory. So for those wanting to learn how to harmonize, she’s a great choice. I would recommend her for beginners and advanced students of any age.” ~ Dylan from NeoNera


“One day I took to the internet in search of a vocal teacher. I asked my peer group for recommendations. One name came back far more than any one else, Lisa Thompson. I contacted Lisa and we set up a lesson. She was very accommodating and passionate about helping me realize my goals. After only one lesson with her I was understanding my vocal anatomy unlike ever before. She is very good at explaining the complicated mechanics of the human voice in a way that anyone could understand. If you are thinking about using Lisa, do it!” ~ Myles Bell


“I always knew I wasn’t singing to my full potential and in fact was hurting my voice.
Lisa is the first coach I found who actually knows what she is talking about. With Lisa’s coaching I could feel a difference in my voice for the better right from the first lesson. Thanks to Lisa’s instruction I feel much more confidence in my singing ability.
I would recommend Lisa to any vocalist at any level.”
Brad St Jean
Lead vocals

“Taking vocal lessons with Lisa gave me the tools and confidence necessary to really find my voice. Her approach helped me appreciate the importance of proper breathing and visualizing voice placement. Now I can utilize most ranges in my writing, and most importantly her lessons de-mystified the techniques used by my favorite artists. Now I feel like I truly know my instrument.”
Patrick Steele
Lead vocals



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